a little early vday treat

tonight at beth’s dinner party, aside from lauren i was seated at a table of complete strangers. as the night progressed i learned a lot about each person and the journey that God is taken them on.  all coming from so many different places, and yet we all ended up at the same place tonight. so many different stories and testimonies and yet somehow we were all rescued and ended up in love with Jesus & desiring to serve him with our lives. i feel so blessed to be part of a generation that is so on fire for his purpose. i was humbled to hear the hearts of these people and i feel blessed to have met them.  

so now that the night has ended i find myself sitting here pondering just why on earth he chose to save me.  wondering how he can possibly use me. all this i am still figuring out slowly, and will probably never know or understand fully, but i am overwhelmed with gratitude and filled with peace in knowing that i am all his, and he is mine. 

a week on the sunnyside

I got to spend last week counselling this amazing and beautiful group of girls at Sunnyside youth camp.  It was such a fun week! We were blessed with weather in the high twenties every day which was awesome for sports and swimming.  More than anything though, it was so awesome to get to know them and hear each of their hearts, and to see each of them experience God in new ways, and grow in their faith.  More than ever God has placed the next generation on my heart and I am so honored and excited to be called to love and minister to girls like these. They taught me so much this week, and I am thankful for every minute I got to spend with each of them.

Oh! AND to top off the week, I got the privilege of baptizing one of my girls from last summer in water.  What a beautiful experience that was!  God is GOOD.